electronics & mechatronics
for satellites

About Us

Company CTRL Ltd. was founded in 2010 and is ranked among small businesses. The company intends to design, build and deploy electronic and mechatronic products with the latest technologies and methods in the field of so-called cyber-physical systems, which include mainly electronics, measurements, communication components, and system approach with a focus on the control.

Since the beginning of the market, the company has been working closely with academic and scientific institutions and participated in the laboratories to develop new electronic equipment and new methods in the field of advanced control algorithms. In recent years, the company’s products have been active in the sophisticated fields of cybernetics, artificial intelligence, robotics, and measurement.

The Company actively participates in and supports the space development and universe research projects of the European Space Agency (ESA).
CTRL intends to be an example and inspire other Slovakian companies to be interested in contributing to ESA programs. The company’s development tools are suitable for design airborne PLD and FPGA according to FAA, EASA, and DO-254 standards. ECSS standards are consecutively implemented in the company’s processes.